What Are the Different Methods through Which Water Damage Can Be Prevented on Your Phone?


Water is a mortal enemy of smartphones and water-damaged mobile devices are very hard to salvage. Earlier, they would land straight in the recycling bin. However, due to the developments in modern technology, you can now fix your phone quickly and without any hassle. It is no longer a problem to restore your phone to full working order and you can do it too by following three simple methods.

Easy ways to assist you in drying off your cell phone if it gets wet

Before you do anything else, you should make sure that your phone’s out of the water. This should be obvious and the faster you move to save your phone from water damage, the better the chances are of avoiding any permanent harm.

You should never be tempted to press any buttons immediately after. Handle the phone with care. If you do press any buttons on a phone that has sustained some amount of water damage, chances are that the water might seep in through to the inside of the phone, leading to extra damage and this might turn your phone irreparable. It is best to try and avoid that.

You should then proceed to dry off your phone by quickly yet carefully using some absorbent kitchen roll or similar material that is capable of soaking in as much liquid as possible. Remove the individual components of the device by opening the back panel and removing the SIM card, battery and microSD card. Place them on the absorbent material. If this process is completed quickly, chances are that data on your SIM and memory card might be saved.

You can try shaking your phone to dislodge any additional water droplets. Assemble your phone once more and turn it on. Chances are that unless there has been some major water damage, your phone will run as usual.

Utilizing daily resources for drying your phone in an emergency

If your phone still does not work, you might use rice to get rid of excess leftover moisture. Just fill a container and plunge the phone into the middle. The rice will slowly but surely absorb all the moisture. How long you keep your phone in rice will greatly influence the chances of fixing water damage. The recommended time, however, is 72 hours. Moreover, if you move your device around in the rice at certain intervals, the likelihood of success is going to improve.

Look for expert help in the area

If your phone does not work even after repeated attempts, you must get in touch with a mobile phone repair company which specializes in handling water damage. Most of the reputed cell phone repair companies have an annual maintenance service which can be highly beneficial for you in the long run.

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